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Darth Vader Pinatas

Baby Yoda BB8 Darth Vader Death Star R2D2 Star Wars Storm Trooper

Pinata inspired by Star wars

Our pinatas are completely handmade by us in our studio at Seattle, details and shades may vary according with availability.

Measures: 20″ tall by 15″ wide 5″ deep
Decorations on both sides.

Darth Vader Piñata and lightsaber

This beautiful Darth Vader/Star Wars piñata & Lightsaber piñata stick are sure to be the talk of your party. Whether you fill it up with treats for smashing or use it as decor or photo prop, this piñata will be the perfect detail for your party.
*Piñata measures 22″ high & Piñata stick measures 30″ long

*Holds approximately 4-5 pounds of candy

Dark Lord of the Sith. Vader

This pinata is a life size Vader helmet. Strong enough for everyone to take a swing. It can hold 3-4 lbs of candy and treats.
Materials: acrylic paint, paper mâché, tissue paper, acrylics, tissue, card board, paper

Darth Vader Pinatas

Darth vader pinata, Star Wars pinata, Star Wars birthday party

Darth Vader pinata

Tall 26″
Wide 16″
Deep 5″

Can hold 3 to 4 pounds of candy
Candies not include

Darth Vader menacing head pinata

Darth Vader Piñata

Piñata measures 16x12x6. Handmade
Materials: tissue paper, cardboard

Darth Vader classic pinata style

Piñata Star Wars Pull String handmade

Piñata pull string.

Dimensions: 35cm x 8cm.

The piñata comes empty, with opening to fill it with whatever you want!
Each guest will take a strip, and pull it all together, so the piñata will break, and all the surprises will fall!

Mini Darth Vador pinata

Medium: Piñata is paper mache style, made with tissue
Length: 8 inches
Width: 8 inches
Depth: 4 inches
This out-of-this-world Darth Vador piñata will be a smash hit for any party. Makes as a great gift for anyone who loves Star Wars, piñatas, candy, or all of the above! Handmade
Materials: glue, cardboard, tissue paper

Darth Vadar Pinata, Birthday Party, Star Wars, 30 Inches High

Large Darth Vadar / Star Wars Inspired Pinata!

It is made of all new material. Including but not limited to…
Cardboard, poster board, tape, white glue, staples, festooning, tissue paper, paper, curling ribbon.

This piñata is handmade; the size is approximately
30 inches high by 14 inches wide.
They might be slightly different from the picture show, but very slightly, if at all.

Baby Yoda BB8 Darth Vader Death Star R2D2 Star Wars Storm Trooper
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