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Iron Man Pinatas

Iron Man Pinatas

Iron Man Pinata or Iron Man Chibi Pinata 24″X14″, Avengers Party Supplies

Wonderful Iron Man Pinata or super cute Iron Man Chubi Pinata, perfect for your Avengers Theme Party. You can also found different characters from this theme in our store!

This item is a one-sided picture pinata!

Dimensions of the piñata: 24 inches high, 14 inches wide, 4 inches deep.

Iron Man Pinata

Each personalized pinata is handmade so please allow for small differences.

• Item Size: Approx. 20 inches tall 14 inches wide and 4 inches thick
• Made with recycled cardboard, crepe paper and lots of love!
• A durable hook is used for hanging so that your pinata doesn’t end up on the ground after a few hits.
• These are sturdy pinatas and will withstand many hits!
• Includes hidden door to fill with candy/goodies.
• Can easily hold 3-5 lbs of candy/filling (not included)

Iron Man Custom Made Pinata (D2)

Measures approximately 15x15x4.5.
Comes with an concealed opening on the top marked by a string (simply pull up on string) for easy filling.
Pull string pinatas require the children to pull a string to release the treats inside Decorated with 15 strings. One lucky string when pulled will open the release door.
Hit pinatas require a stick to hit to release the treats inside.
Will Hold up to 4 Lbs. of Candy/Toys. Pinata fillers sold separately.


Piñata Avengers. Super friends We customize your orders. You can choose your character

Approximate Measurements

High 20″ tall

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