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Pumpkin Pinatas

Pumpkin Pinatas

Halloween cute pumpkin piñata Halloween supplies

This pinata comes with an opening for easy filling.
* Fill the pinata with up to 2 pounds of your favorite candy and party favors (not included )
* jute cord loop attached for easily hanging your pinata.

Large Pinata for Teens Adults, 15 x 17 x 4 inch

If you want impress your kids and guests with a fun theme and party game, this pinata is ideal for an upcoming Halloween party!


Features: Halloween Party Decorations, Party Favors.

Available as Pull Strings Pinata or Whack Pinata! Pull Strings Pinata comes with 12 Pull Strings, to add more Pull Strings please contact to me!

MATERIALS: cardboard, corrugated paper, glue.

DIMENSIONS: Approx. (H x L x W): 15 x 17 x 4 inch/38 x 43 x 10 cm; Weight: 0.55 lb/0.250 kg.

Holds approx. up to 5 pounds of candies, chocolates, mini toys, or confetti (not included).

Halloween Fall Pumpkin Pinata

Handcrafted Traditional hit with a stick pinata made from cardboard

Hanging streamers are only decorative

Holds approx. 3-6 pounds of candy

Approx. Size 18″Tall 4″ Deep

Sturdy enough for multiple guests to participate

Cute pumpkin pinata Halloween pinata

Pumkin pinata

tall 14
wide 21″
deep 4.5″

Felt pumpkin pinata

THIS PINATA IS 17X17X4. A piñata made and designed uniquely, to bring something different to the piñata community.
It has a soft orange pumpkin, and underneath that is lined with a shiny silver cellophane paper to draw the eye in.

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